Component architecture of intelligent disk subsystem


Architecture of intelligent Disk subsystem:

1. A disk subsystem is a hard disk server.

2. Servers are connected to the connection port of the subsystem using standard I/O techniques such as SCSI, fibre channel etc.

3. The internal structure of the disk subsystem is completely hidden from the server. The server sees on the hard disks.

4. The connection ports are extended to the hard disk subsystem by means of internal I/O channels.

5. A controller lies between connection ports and hard disks.

6. The controller increases the data availability and data access performance with the help of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

7. Some controllers serve as instant copiers and remote mirroring.

8. A cache is also used to accelerate read and write access to the server.
Fig. Servers are connected to the disk subsystems via the port

9. Small disk subsystems have 1 to 2 connections for servers or storage networks. 6-8 hard disks capable of storing 500 GB of data.

10. Larger disk subsystems have more than 10 ports, redundant controllers & several I/O channels. Can store 10 tera bytes of data.