1. Firstly we have to start MySQL 5.5 Command line client then we need to enter password, created during installation.

After entering password, screen looks like below

2. To create database: Creation of database is necessary, before creating any table. To create a database in sql, follow following syntax.Syntax: – create database ;For Example: – create database kr;

3. To Use database: To use a created  database the use query is used in sql statement.Syntax: – use ;For Example: – use kr;

4. To show databases: The show database is used to show list of  all the databases in the sql statement.Syntax: – show database;

5. To create table: To create a table in sql database we have to give table name along with columns names and its attributes into the database, See the syntax and example below.Syntax: – create table table-name (properties);For Example: – create table kr (name varchar (30), rollno int (10), address varchar (30));

6. To insert value: To insert value in a table we have to follow below syntax and see the example below.     Syntax: – insert into (table name) (properties name) values ( values name);For Example: – insert into kr (name, rollno, address) values (ks, 23, burhanpur);

7. Show tables: Show tables query is used to show the list of tables in selected database in sql.Syntax: – show tables;

8. Select query: select query is used to show the selected database tables.Syntax: – select * from (table name);

9. Update: update query is used to update in the selected table.

10. Group by:

11. Like query:

12. Distinct query:

13.Drop query: