Normal Forms

GATE NOTESNormal Forms in DBMS Steps to find Normal Forms- Find Candidates key Find Prime attributes and Non prime attributes Check for Normal Forms, from … Read more

Static Single Assignment

GATE NOTESStatic Single AssignmentAccording to Static Single Assignment A variable cannot be used more than once in the LHS A variable should be initialised atmost … Read more

Birthday Attack

GATE NOTESBIRTHDAY ATTACK Birthday attack work only with random messages and not with chosen messages.

GATE Notes, Probability Formulas Probability Range 0 ≤ P(A) ≤ 1 Rule of Complementary Events P(Ac) + P(A) = 1 Rule of Addition P(A∪B) = … Read more

CS GATE 2014If the matrix A is such that  then the determinant of A is equal to (A) 0  (B) 1  (C) 2 (D) 3 … Read more

GATE 2018 SYLLABILU Decomposition ?[A] = [L][U] L- Lower triangular matrix.U- Upper triangular matrix. For example-

GATE 2018 SYLLABIUnique, Infinite, Many, Consistent, Inconsistent Solutions ?1) a₁x + b₁y = c₁2) a₂x + b₂y = c₂ Ifa₁/a₂ ≠ b₁/b₂ Than, its called unique means … Read more

GATE 2005What are the eigenvalues of the following 2 × 2 matrix?  SOL.