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Cloud Business Process Management

  1. Business process management (BPM) is a mature business discipline that has spawned a number of technologies to support it.
  2. Today it is the agile who survive those organizations who are able to adapt to change, to innovate as well as continuously improve, and to continuously monitor and analyze the results of these adaptations.
  3. In the current web enabled business environment, processes in many cases depend on the discovery and recognition of components that exist as web services.
  4. The current trend is towards increased emphasis on mobility and collaboration as essential elements to support the agility and currency of business processes.
  5. This means that BPM vendors are increasingly seeking to augment their BPM packages by incorporating greater Web 2.0 type functionality.
  6. Cloud based BPM is one response to these new demands.
  7. BPM governs organizations cross functional, customer focused end to end core business process.