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Function in C Programming C program to use printf() without semicolon ” ; “ C program to swap two numbers using 2 variables C program to find nth term using Arithmetic progrssion C program to find sum of first n even positive numbers C program to calculate sum of first n even numbers C program […]


LINUX covered following topics in these notes. Understanding Open Source Software Linux Origins Linux Distributions Logging in to a Linux System Switching between Virtual console and Graphical environment Elements of the X Window System Changing your password The root user Changing identities Editing text files Absolute and Relative Pathnames Inode Checking free space Modes […]

Principles of Programming Languages covered following topics in these notes. Practicals: A list of Video lectures: Click here References: Sebesta,”Concept of programming Language”, Pearson Edu  Louden, “Programming Languages: Principles & Practices” , Cengage Learning  Tucker, “Programming Languages: Principles and paradigms “, Tata McGraw –Hill.  E Horowitz, “Programming Languages”, 2nd Edition, Addison Wesley


MIS: Management Information System covered following topics in these notes. DAVV | BBA | MIS | Solved papers The meaning and use MIS System View of Business  Process of MIS Development of MIS within the organization Information Needs System Approach in Planning Organizing and Controlling MIS Planning of MIS Implementation  of MIS Controlling of MIS Fundamentals […]

Cloud Computing covered following topics in these notes. A list of Video lectures Click here Refrences Buyya, Selvi ,” Mastering Cloud Computing “,TMH Pub Krutz , Vines, “Cloud Security “ , Wiley Pub Velte, “Cloud Computing- A Practical Approach” ,TMH Pub Sosinsky, “ Cloud Computing” , Wiley Pub

Computer Networks covered following topics in these notes. Refrences Andrew S. Tanenbaum, David J. Wetherall, “Computer Networks” Pearson Education. Douglas E Comer, “Internetworking WithTcp/Ip Principles, Protocols, And Architecture”,Pearson Education KavehPahlavan, Prashant Krishnamurthy, “Networking Fundamentals”, Wiley Publication. Ying-Dar Lin, Ren-Hung Hwang, Fred Baker, “Computer Networks: An Open Source Approach”, McGraw Hill.