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Help in R

Help is used to access documentation and search for help in R.Help in R support in getting R commands. For example:To take help in paste, type help(paste) The help() function to access information about a package in your library,  help(package=”MASS”) To access documentation for the standard lm (linear model) function,  help(lm) To obtain documentation for […]

Packages and Libraries in R

base Base Package class Functions for Classification compiler compiler Package datasets Datasets Package graphics  Graphics Package grDevices Graphics Devices and Support for Colours and Fonts grid The Grid Graphics Package Matrix Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods methods Formal Methods and Classes parallel Support for Parallel computation stats Stats Package tools Tools for Package […]

R Commands and Syntax

Syntax for variable: VariableName <- DataStoredInVariable ——————————————– Syntax While loop: while (test_expression) {    statement } ——————————————– Syntax For loop: for (value in vector) {    statements } ——————————————– Syntax for Repeat loop: repeat {     commands     if(condition) {       break    } } ——————————————– Syntax for Break statement: break ——————————————– Syntax […]

R Console

This is RGui on Windows, the most basic working environment for R under Windows: After the > sign, expressions can be typed in.  Once an expression is typed, the result is shown by R, on console screen shown above. For example: Type following code on console, a <- 10 print(a)

Installing R in Windows

We will learn step by step of R installation in Windows; Step 01: Go to this website Step 02: Start installation of download software. Step 03:  Step 04: Select the operational language for installation. Step 05:  Step 06: Select the folder where you wants to install R. step 07:  Step 08: Step 09: Step 10: […]

Introduction to R

R is a programming language. R is an environment for statistical computing and graphics. What does R stands for in R programming? The R is based on the first letter of first name of the two R authors, Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka. Why to use R programming? R is a programming language for statistical […]