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Short note on automata | RGPV TOC PYQ

RGPV 2010Q. Write short note on automata ? Ans. An automaton is an abstract model of a digital computer.  Some types of automata : Finite-state machine. Pushdown automata. Turing machine A finite automaton (FA) is a simple idealized machine used to recognize patterns within input taken from some character set (or alphabet) C. The job […]

RGPV TOC design finite automata problems

RGPV 2008Prob 01: Designa FA which accepts set of strings containing four 1’s in every string over alphabet ∑ = {0, 1}. Ans. Some example strings = {1111,0110101, 001100110} RGPV 2016Prob 02. Design NFA that accepts all strings with at most 3 a’s. Ans. Some example strings = {aaa, baba, a, ab} RGPV 2014 Prob 03: Construct […]

RGPV short note on automata

RGPV 2010Q. Write short note on automaton? Ans. An automaton is an abstract self-propelled computing device which follows a predetermined sequence of operations automatically. There are four major families of automaton : Finite-state machine. Pushdown automata. Linear-bounded automata. Turing machine. 1. Finite-state machine: A system where particular inputs cause particular changes in state can be represented […]