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Q1. Using the mesh analysis find the I0 in the circuit give below.

Q2. In the figure below, find the current flowing through R1 using Thevenin’s Theorem.

Q3. What do you understand by source? Discuss the different types of dependent and independent voltages and current sources with suitable sketch.

Q4. A coil having a resistance of 10 ohms and an inductance of 0.2H is connected in series with a 100 x 10-6 F capacitor across a 230V, 50HZ supply,


i) The active and reactive components of the current

ii) The voltage accross the coil, Draw the phasor diagram.

Q5. A balanced start connected load of 8+6j ohm is connected across three phase, 50Hz, 440V supply system. Calculate

i) Line current

ii) Power absorbed

iii) Reactive volt ampere

Q6. Open circuit and short circuit test on a single phase transfermer gave the following results

V0 = 200V, I0 = 0.7A, W0 = 20 Watt test from primary side, Vs = 10V, Is = 10A, Ws = 40 Watt test from secondary side.

Determine the equivalent cuircuit parameters referred to primary side.

Q7. Explain the construction and working principle of three phase induction motor with suitable diagram.

Q8. A three phase, 6 pole, 50 Hz induction motor has a slip of 1% at no load and 3% at full load, Find

i) Synchronous Speed

ii) No Load Speed

iii) Full Load Speed

iv) Frequency of rotor curret at full load.

Q9. Draw and explain the V-I characterstics of a PN junction.

Q10. Draw the circuit and explain the characterstics of CB configuration.

Q11. Write a short note on:

i) RS Flip Flop

ii) Star Delta Transformation

iii) De Morgan’s Theorem

iv) Torque-Slip Characterstics