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Shail in Linux

Shail is an interface between user and computer. Shail gives user a platform to write their commands.
Some of the uses of Shail are-

  1. Shail is used as interface between user and kernel (Computer).
  2. Shail is used to execute the command.
  3. Shail is used to write Shail script.

Difference between Shail and Kernel –

1Kernel, is like operating system in Linux, every operating system have Kernel.Shail is command interpreter, which is used to write commands.
2.Kernal act as interface between hardware and softwares.Shail act as interface between User and Computer.
3.Kernel is second layer in Linux system architecture.Shail is third layer in Linux system architecture.

Different types of Shail are-

  1. Bourne Shail
  2. Bash Shail
  3. C Shail
Bourne ShailBash ShailC Shail
1.Developed by Stifen BourneDeveloped by Brian Fax.Developed by Bill Joy. command used for this.bash command is used for this.csh command is used for this.
3.Developed in 1977Developed in 1987Developed in 1970
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