Third party cloud services

What are third party cloud services?

The third party cloud services is the services in which user want to acquire when he/she is not getting that service with acquired or hired cloud provider.


1. Maintenance and support: If something goes wrong it is the duty of the provider to ensure the problem is fixed.

2. Skilled company with all the resource: When using a third party for cloud computing infrastructure you know you are benefiting from a service whereby the staff are highly trained in this field and the company has all the resources necessary. it’s unlikely you would have this if you were to opt for a personal cloud , meaning lots of time and money would need to be invested.

3. Security Benefit: A lot of company feel more secure putting their data in the hands of an experienced cloud computing provider rather than jumping into the unknown and trying to manage the security of their pivotal data themselves

4. Cost advantages: Third party clouds are particularly advantageous for SMBs and such like since they do not require huge outlays. To be able to bring your infrastructure in-house you would need to make a sizeable investment.


1. Security worries: You are entirely responsible for the security of your data. Yet , time and resources will need to be heavily to get it right.

2. Lack of control: With third party cloud computing you have minimal control over the likes of how quickly you can expand the cloud, the granularity of its management.

3. Potential cost drawbacks: If you were to go down the route of a personal cloud you would be able to keep your on-going costs to a minimum, although the upfront expenses will likely be high. Also, with third party computing you will need to pay for more space whenever you run out.