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Big Data MCQs

#1. What is the primary characteristic of Big Data?

#2. Which technology is used for real-time Big Data processing?

#3. What type of data is easily stored, queried, and analyzed?

#4. Which programming language is commonly used for data analysis in Big Data?

#5. Which component manages data storage in Hadoop?

#6. What is the term for analyzing large datasets to find patterns and correlations?

#7. Which technology allows distributed, fault-tolerant data storage and retrieval?

#8. What's the process of preparing raw data for analysis called?

#9. Name a popular cloud-based platform for Big Data processing.

#10. What technique distributes data across multiple nodes for parallel processing?

#11. Which term is used to describe data that is not in a structured format?

#12. What technology is used for batch processing of Big Data?

#13. Which language is commonly used for querying data in a relational database?

#14. In Hadoop, what is the processing engine responsible for distributed data processing?

#15. Which type of analytics focuses on identifying the cause of a problem?

#16. Which database type is designed for high-performance, scalable, and fault-tolerant storage and retrieval?

#17. What is the term for the process of combining and restructuring data for easier analysis?

#18. Which cloud platform provides services like Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift for Big Data processing?

#19. What technique is used to divide a dataset into smaller, manageable pieces for parallel processing?

#20. Which technology is known for its ability to handle real-time stream processing of data?


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