System Design Quiz MCQs

1. What is the purpose of conceptual system design? a) To develop detailed software algorithmsb) To establish system constraintsc) To determine hardware specificationsd) To conduct … Read more

Introduction of MIS MCQs

1. What does MIS stand for? a) Management Incentive Systemb) Management Information Systemc) Manufacturing Integration Serviced) Marketing Intelligence System Answer: b) Management Information System Explanation: … Read more

Entrepreneurship MCQs

1. What is entrepreneurship primarily concerned with?a) Maximizing profitsb) Managing existing businessesc) Identifying and exploiting opportunitiesd) Maintaining stability Answer: c) Identifying and exploiting opportunitiesExplanation: Entrepreneurship … Read more

Marketing MCqs

1. What is the core concept of marketing that involves identifying human needs and wants and satisfying them through exchange? a) Promotionb) Demandc) Need wantd) … Read more

Management MCQs

1. What is the importance of management?a) It ensures organizational goals are achievedb) It improves efficiency and effectivenessc) It enhances employee moraled) All of the … Read more