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Block Chain MCQs

#1. What is the primary purpose of a blockchain in a decentralized network?

#2. Which consensus algorithm is commonly used in blockchain networks?

#3. What is the main advantage of a public blockchain compared to a private one?

#4. Which term refers to the process of combining multiple transactions into a single block on a blockchain?

#5. What is the purpose of a cryptographic hash function in blockchain technology?

#6. In a blockchain, what is the role of a node?

#7. Which type of blockchain allows anyone to read, send transactions, and participate in the consensus process?

#8. What is a smart contract in the context of blockchain?

#9. Which blockchain platform is known for enabling the creation of decentralized applications (DApps)?

#10. What is a fork in the context of blockchain technology?

#11. What does the term "double-spending" refer to in the context of cryptocurrencies?

#12. What is the purpose of a private key in cryptocurrency transactions?

#13. Which consensus algorithm aims to achieve consensus through a combination of proof of work and proof of stake?

#14. What is a genesis block in the context of blockchain technology?

#15. Which term refers to the process of distributing new cryptocurrency coins to the network?

#16. What is the primary function of a blockchain explorer?

#17. Which blockchain platform is specifically designed for enterprise-level applications?

#18. In blockchain technology, what is the purpose of a Merkle tree?

#19. Which type of blockchain is controlled by a single entity or organization?

#20. What is a permissioned blockchain?


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