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Artificial Intelligence MCQS

#1. What does AI stand for in the context of computer science?

#2. Which branch of AI focuses on creating systems that can learn and improve from experience?

#3. What type of AI system mimics human thought processes and can reason and make decisions?

#4. Which programming language is commonly used for AI development and research?

#5. What is the purpose of a neural network in AI?

#6. Which AI technique involves training a model to perform a task without using explicit programming instructions?

#7. What is the Turing Test used for in AI?

#8. Which AI application is used to enable machines to understand, interpret, and generate human-like text?

#9. What is the primary goal of reinforcement learning in AI?

#10. Which AI technique involves training algorithms to improve their performance iteratively using labeled data?

#11. What is the main challenge of AI known as "Common Sense Reasoning"?

#12. Which AI approach focuses on creating algorithms that can perform tasks without being explicitly programmed?

#13. What is the purpose of natural language processing (NLP) in AI?

#14. Which AI technique is inspired by the structure and functioning of the human brain?

#15. What is the concept of AI that involves systems capable of understanding and responding to human emotions?

#16. What is the primary goal of computer vision in AI?

#17. Which AI technique is used to identify and analyze patterns in large datasets?

#18. What is the term for AI systems that can make decisions and take actions without human intervention?

#19. Which AI approach involves simulating human-like intelligence and decision-making processes in machines?

#20. What is the technique of allowing AI systems to learn from their mistakes and improve their performance over time?

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