Design compensation for any two of the following: (a) Chief Executive(b) Senior Managers(c) Knowledge Workers.

(a) Chief Executive(b) Senior Managers(c) Knowledge Workers. (a) Chief Executive: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the top executive in the organization, responsible for strategic … Read more

Explain the determinants of intra and inter industry differentials. Discuss the strategic implications of compensation differentials.

Determinants of Intra and Inter-Industry Differentials: Intra-Industry Differentials: Intra-industry differentials refer to the variations in compensation among employees within the same industry or organization. Several … Read more

How are benefits important to employees? What are the various types of Flexible Benefits Plans? How do they motivate the employees? Give examples.

Benefits are essential to employees for several reasons: Various Types of Flexible Benefits Plans: How Flexible Benefits Plans Motivate Employees: Examples:

‘Individual as well as Group, both are important to the organization’s growth.’ Discuss and bring out the importance of Individual and Group Incentive Plans to motivate the employees.

Importance of Individual Incentive Plans: Importance of Group Incentive Plans: Balancing Individual and Group Incentive Plans: An effective incentive strategy involves striking a balance between … Read more