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Explain how a database is modified in SQL.OR Explain database modification.

Advanced Computer Architecture MCQ

1. What is the primary purpose of pipelining in computer architecture?A) To increase clock frequencyB) To decrease instruction latencyC) To reduce power consumptionD) To simplify ...

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Unit I DBMS Concepts and architecture Introduction, Database approach vs. Traditional file accessing approach, Advantages of database systems, Data models, Schemas and instances, Data independence, ...

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Programming Practices MCQ

1. Which programming language is primarily used in this course for introducing programming concepts? A. PythonB. JavaC. C++D. JavaScript 2. What is the main objective ...

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1. What is the primary function of an Operating System? A. Running applicationsB. Managing hardware resourcesC. Providing user interfacesD. All of the above 2. Which ...

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Computer organization and architecture

1. What is the primary function of a CPU in a computer system?a. Data storageb. Data processingc. Data transferd. Data retrieval 2. Which component is ...

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Software engineering MCQ

1. What is a key characteristic of the Linear Sequential Model? A. Iterative developmentB. Incremental progressC. Sequential phasesD. Agile methodology 2. Which process model focuses ...

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Analysis Design of Algorithm MCQ

1. What is the purpose of asymptotic notation in algorithm analysis?a. To describe the actual running time of an algorithmb. To provide a precise measurement ...

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Explain use case with example. How are the diagrams divided ?

Use Case Explanation: 1. What are Use Cases? 2. Actors: 3. Example: 4. Use Case Examples: 5. Use Case Diagrams: In a Simpler Way: Imagine ...

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What do you mean by event ? What are the types of event explain with example ?

Event Definition: Types of Events: A. Signal Event: B. Time Event: C. Change Event:

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