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Top 50 Most Asked MS Word Interview Questions and Answers

  1. What is Microsoft Word?
    Answer: Microsoft Word is a word processing software used for creating, editing, and formatting documents.
  2. How do you create a new document?
    Answer: Click “File” > “New” or use the shortcut Ctrl + N.
  3. How do you save a document?
    Answer: Click “File” > “Save” or use Ctrl + S.
  4. What is the Quick Access Toolbar?
    Answer: A customizable toolbar for frequently used commands.
  5. How do you insert a page break?
    Answer: Click “Insert” > “Page Break.”
  6. How to apply bold formatting?
    Answer: Select text and click “B” or use Ctrl + B.
  7. How to find and replace text?
    Answer: Click “Home” > “Replace” or use Ctrl + H.
  8. What are headers and footers?
    Answer: Sections at the top/bottom of each page for page numbers and info.
  9. How to add a bulleted list?
    Answer: Select text and click “Bullets” or use Ctrl + Shift + L.
  10. How to create a table?
    Answer: Click “Insert” > “Table.”
  11. What is “Track Changes” used for?
    Answer: Collaborative reviewing and editing of documents.
  12. How to change page orientation?
    Answer: Go to “Layout” > “Orientation.”
  13. How to insert a hyperlink?
    Answer: Select text, click “Insert Hyperlink,” and add the link.
  14. What is “Mail Merge” used for?
    Answer: Creating personalized documents by merging with data source.
  15. How to change font size?
    Answer: Select text and use font size drop-down or Ctrl + Shift + P.
  16. What is “Format Painter” used for?
    Answer: Copying formatting from one part to another.
  17. How to insert a picture or image?
    Answer: Click “Insert” > “Pictures.”
  18. What is “Page Setup” used for?
    Answer: Customizing document layout settings.
  19. How to insert a page number?
    Answer: Click “Insert” > “Page Number.”
  20. How to change line spacing?
    Answer: Select text and use “Line Spacing” button.
  21. How to insert a text box?
    Answer: Click “Insert” > “Text Box.”
  22. How to create a hyperlink to a specific location in the document?
    Answer: Use “Bookmark” and “Hyperlink” options.
  23. How to add a watermark?
    Answer: Click “Design” > “Watermark.”
  24. What is “AutoCorrect” used for?
    Answer: Automatically correcting typos and spelling errors.
  25. How to create a table of contents?
    Answer: Use “References” > “Table of Contents.”
  26. How to change margins in the document?
    Answer: Go to “Layout” > “Margins.”
  27. How to insert a page border?
    Answer: Click “Design” > “Page Borders.”
  28. How to remove formatting from selected text?
    Answer: Click “Clear Formatting” button.
  29. How to add page numbers starting from a specific page?
    Answer: Use “Page Number Format” options.
  30. How to insert a comment in the document?
    Answer: Select text and click “New Comment.”
  31. How to change the document language?
    Answer: Go to “Review” > “Language.”
  32. How to create a drop cap in the document?
    Answer: Use “Drop Cap” option in “Insert” menu.
  33. How to add footnotes and endnotes?
    Answer: Use “References” > “Footnotes.”
  34. How to use the “Find and Replace” feature with wildcards?
    Answer: Check “Use Wildcards” option in “Find and Replace” dialog.
  35. How to change the default font in Microsoft Word?
    Answer: Go to “Home” > “Font” and click “Set as Default.”
  36. How to create a custom page border?
    Answer: Use “Page Borders” > “Custom.”
  37. How to protect a document with a password?
    Answer: Use “Protect Document” in “File” menu.
  38. How to insert a cover page?
    Answer: Click “Insert” > “Cover Page.”
  39. How to create a table of figures?
    Answer: Use “References” > “Insert Table of Figures.”
  40. How to split the window to view different parts of the same document?
    Answer: Use “View” > “Split.”
  41. How to remove page numbers from the first page?
    Answer: Use “Different First Page” option in “Page Number” menu.
  42. How to create a nested list (sublist)?
    Answer: Use the “Increase Indent” button.
  43. How to add a background color to the document?
    Answer: Use “Design” > “Page Color.”
  44. How to insert a section break?
    Answer: Go to “Layout” > “Breaks.”
  45. How to align text to both left and right margins (justified)?
    Answer: Use “Justify” alignment option.
  46. How to insert a footnote separator line?
    Answer: Use “Footnote Separator” in “Footnotes.”
  47. How to insert an equation in the document?
    Answer: Use “Insert” > “Equation.”
  48. How to change the default file format for saving documents?
    Answer: Go to “File” > “Options” > “Save” and select preferred format.
  49. How to remove hyperlinks from the document?
    Answer: Right-click the hyperlink and select “Remove Hyperlink.”
  50. How to split a table into two separate tables?
    Answer: Place the cursor where you want to split and use “Split Table” option.