RAD Model

  • Rapid Application Development Model.
  • It is a type of Incremental Model.
  • It is high speed adaptation of Waterfall model.
  • In it projects are developed in component as mini projects.
  • Than mini projects are assembled in a single project.
  • It takes very short period of time to construct a project.
  • Customers can give feedback easily on mini projects as well as on complete project.

Following is the illustration of RAD Model:

Advantages of RAD Model:

  • Increases re-usability of components.
  • Less development time.
  • Quick initial responses.
  • Encourages customer feedback’s.
  • Involvement of end users from very beginning solves lot of development issues.

Disadvantages of RAD Model:

  • Projects which can be developed into mini projects/components can use RAD Model.
  • Requires strong and skilled developers team.
  • Cost is very high..

When to use RAD Model:

  • When there is need to develop system within short period of time (2-3 months).
  • When there is high availability of developers.
  • When budget is high enough to afford the development cost.