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Scope of Operations Research in industry

With suitable examples from the industry, describe the scope of Operations Research ?


There are various models to solve industrial problems.

Some are:

  • Transportation model
  • Decision tree
  • Inventory model
  • Assignment model, etc.

As businesses grew, it became increasingly difficult for one person to manage them, therefore different people were given different parts of the work.

As a result, many departments were established by corporate officials.

  1. Production department
  2. Marketing department
  3. Financial department

1. Production department

to reduce production costs, production specialists can utilise OR to

  • Plan and choose locations.
  • Schedule and sequence the production run by properly allocating machines.
  • Fguring out the ideal product mix.

2. Marketing department

To increase sales while reducing expenses related to sales. The marketing managers can utilise OR to

  • Decide when, how frequently, and what to buy to reduce overall expenses.
  • Figure out the minimum sale price per unit.
  • Learn what the customer like in terms of colour, packaging, size, and other aspects of various items.

3. Financial department

To reduce the amount of capital necessary to keep any level of business operating. The Financial Controller can use OR to

  • Ascertain the long-term capital requirements.
  • Ascertain the company’s profit plan.
  • Ascertain the best replacement policies.