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Version Control

What is a Version ?

  • A version is a collection of software configuration items.
  • Each software version is different from previous one in some aspects.

For example:WhatsApp Messenger Version 2.17.79
What is Version Control ?

  • It is a method keeping a record of changes.
  • It is a method for centrally storing files.
  • It is record of who did, when did, and what did.
  • It is the capturing of coding changes when made in software.

What is Version Control software ?
A version control software is a set of programs that manages changes to the computer files, such as documents, images and source code.
For example :
1) Rational Clear Case2) Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe
Version Control software is also known as :

  • Revision control software
  • Version management software
  • Source control software
  • Configuration management software