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Compare and contrast IOS and Android Operating Systems.

DeveloperApple Inc.Open Handset Alliance
LicensingProprietary (Closed Source)Open Source
CustomizationLimited customization optionsHigh degree of customization
App StoreApple App StoreGoogle Play Store
HardwareLimited to Apple devicesAvailable on various devices
User InterfaceConsistent, uniform designVaries based on manufacturer
UpdatesPrompt and uniform updatesDelayed due to device diversity
SecurityGenerally considered more secureMore susceptible to malware
MultitaskingLimited multitasking capabilitiesAdvanced multitasking support
Voice AssistantSiriGoogle Assistant
App DevelopmentRequires macOS and XcodeCan be developed on any OS
Payment SystemApple PayGoogle Pay
FragmentationMinimal device fragmentationDevice and OS version diversity
Messaging AppiMessageNo default messaging app
Default Web BrowserSafariVaries by device
System UpdatesGenerally provided to all devicesMay not be available for all
Virtual AssistantsSiri, HomeKitGoogle Assistant, Google Home