Distributed multimedia system

Definition of Multimedia

A combination of different ways of conveying information such as using texts, sounds, videos ,images, animations and interactivity.

Definition of Distributed Multimedia Systems

Distributed multimedia systems consist of multimedia databases, proxy and information server , and clients, and are intended to for the distribution of multimedia content over the networks.

Architecture of Distributed Multimedia Systems

The architecture of a distributed multimedia system main comprises of three basic components i.e.

  1. An information server
  2. A wide area network
  3. A multimedia client and user.
General architecture of distributed multimedia
Distributed n/w using hash function

Characteristics of typical multimedia streams

  • Telephone speech .
  • CD-quality or sound.
  • Standard TV Video (uncompressed),
  • Standard TV video(MPEG-1 compressed)
  • HDTV video (uncompressed).
  • HDTV video (compressed).


  • Video teleconferencing, distributed lectures telemedicine, tele symphony.
  • White board, collaborative document editing.
  • Augmented reality
  • DVDs, digital movies, VOIP telephony (Vonage, skype)……
  • Networked games
  • Video on demand (from cable TV, satellite etc.),IPTV (AT&T U-verse)