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Permissioned Model of Block chain

Permissioned blockchains are distributed ledgers that are not open to the public. Only users with permissions have access to it.

On top of the permissioned blockchain, a control layer supervises the behaviour of the authorised players.

Permissioned blockchains function in a completely different way than private and public blockchains. They’re designed to take advantage of blockchains without sacrificing the centralised system’s authority.

Permissioned systems are also known to limit the number of consensus players, making them highly configurable and controlled by their owners.


  • Efficient performance
  • Proper governance structure
  • Decentralized storage
  • Cost-Effective


  • Compromised security
  • Control, Censorship, and Regulation
Permissioned BlockchainPermissionless Blockchain
Not open to anyoneOpen to anyone
Cost effectiveNot so cost effective
Managed by groups of ownersPublic
More secureLess secure
Access permission requiredNo such permission