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Review of C programming language

The C programming language is popular for its efficiency and low-level capabilities, making it a widely used and versatile language.

In terms of system-level programming and embedded systems, it is a procedural programming language with considerable hardware control.


It has a reputation for being fast and efficient which makes it the preferred choice for programmers involved in system level programming where performance is of utmost concern.


C can be easily transported to different platforms with little modification needed.


C’s syntax is tight, allowing low-level memory manipulations. It has both high-level and low-level features.

Standard Library:

In addition, there is a wide variety of functions such as input/output, string manipulation, memory allocation that are included in C’s standard library.


In addition to this, pointers also enable direct manipulation of memory addresses enabling efficient programming but with caution against errors.


Moreover, with C programing language one can use functions or libraries to achieve modularity by facilitating reuse of code hence co-ordination.

Legacy and Influence:

On the other hand, Unix is based on c which shows the effect this language has made on modern programing languages.