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Q1. Describe the following:

i) Remote sensing and GIS

ii) Computer applications in E-business 

Q2. Explain I/O devices in detail with suitable examples. 

Q3. Explain memory and type of memory in detail. 

Q4. Define algorithms. What is the need of algorithms? Describe three benefits of algorithms.

Q5. Explain procedure-oriented programming with examples.

Q6. Explain the following:

i) data type

ii) tokens

iii) variables

iv) operatore

Q7. Explain data structures in detail.

Q8. Define objects and classes. can a class in C++ have more than one constructor with the same name? Justify your answer with suitable example.

Q9. Explain Function overloading and Operator overloading with an example.

Q10. Explain TCP/IP model in detail with a diagram. 

Q11. Describe Denial of Service (DoS) and logic bombs in detail.

Q12. Write a short note on good computer security habits.

Q13. Describe data independence and DBA in detail.

Q14. What do you understand by cloud computing? Describe – cloud infrastructure in detail?

Q15. Write short note: (on any two)

a) Pros and cons of cloud computing

b) World Wide Web

c) Characteristics of OOP

d) Classification of computer