Network virtualization

NETWORK VIRTUALIZATION Network virtualization: 1. Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resource in a network by splitting up the available bandwidth into … Read more

Memory virtualization

Memory virtualization is a technique used in computer systems to provide an abstraction layer between the physical memory (RAM) and the virtual memory used by … Read more

FC Connectivity

FC CONNECTIVITY The FC architecture supports three basic interconnectivity options point to point , arbitrated loop  ,and Fibre Channel switched fabric. POINT-TO-POINT Point-to-point is simplest … Read more

NAS security

NETWORK-ATTACHED STORAGE NAS SECURITY A storage device which attached directly to a network is called network attached storage (NAS). NAS provide file access services to … Read more

Cloud vocabulary

CLOUD VOCABULARY 1. Cloudburst (negative) : The failure of a cloud computing environment due to the inability to handle a spike in demand. 2. Cloudburst … Read more

Limitations of DAS

LIMITATION OF DIRECT ATTACHED STORAGE (DAS) 1. The major disadvantages of DAS are its distance restriction, high network overhead, and limited scalability. 2. SCSI device … Read more