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Explain the design goals of a MAC protocol for adhoc wireless network.

The design goals of a MAC protocol for ad hoc wireless networks are:

  1. Distributed Operation: Decentralized decision-making for efficient medium access.
  2. Collision Avoidance: Minimize simultaneous transmissions to prevent signal interference.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Reduce power usage for battery-powered devices.
  4. Fairness: Equitably share the channel resources among nodes.
  5. Scalability: Work well in networks of varying sizes.
  6. Adaptability: Quickly adjust to dynamic changes like node mobility.
  7. QoS Support: Prioritize traffic based on application requirements.
  8. Hidden Terminal Mitigation: Address issues when nodes can’t hear each other.
  9. Security: Protect against unauthorized access and attacks.
  10. Channel Utilization: Efficiently use available channel bandwidth.
  11. Multimedia Traffic: Handle diverse data rate and delay needs.