RL Techniques MCQs

1. What is the primary objective of Deep Q-Learning? a) Minimize the Q-valuesb) Maximize the Q-valuesc) Minimize the loss functiond) Maximize the reward Answer: b) … Read more

Deep Learning MCQs

1. What is Greedy Layerwise Pre-training in the context of deep learning? a) A method to train neural networks by incrementally adding layers and training … Read more

Autoencoder MCQ

1. Which technique shares similarities with autoencoders in terms of dimensionality reduction? a) Dropoutb) Batch Normalizationc) PCAd) Ensemble methods Answer: c) PCA Explanation: Principal Component … Read more

Genetic Algorithms MCQ

1. What is the fundamental principle behind Genetic Algorithms (GAs)? a) Random mutationb) Natural selectionc) Artificial intelligenced) Stochastic optimization Answer: b) Natural selectionExplanation: Genetic Algorithms … Read more