Development of MIS within the organization

Phases of MIS development:

  1. Planning
  2. Requirement gathering and analysis
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Testing
  6. Maintenance
  7. Feedback

1. Planning:

  1. It is necessary to understand and define the requirements of MIS.
  2. There should be effective communication between the developers and system users.
  3. Cost should be decided.
  4. Time required for MIS development planning.
  5. Planning of development methods.

2. Requirement gathering and analysis

  1. Verbal communication for requirement gathering.
  2. Non verbal communication (Email, Internet, etc.) for requirement gathering.
  3. Contacting experienced persons.
  4. Review of old MIS.
  5. Functional requirements gathering.
  6. Non functional requirements gathering.

3. Design

  1. Interpret the requirements into architectural, logical and physical designs of how the information system to be implemented.

4. Development

  1. On the basis of above design system in implemented.
  2. System is first developed in small units.
  3. Than these small units are integrated to get a large system.
  4. Development may involve engineers, system users, stack holders etc.

5. Testing

  1. The system developed in above phased required to be tested.
  2. Unit testing test each small programs individually.
  3. After unit testing Integration testing is performed which combines all the small programs.
  4. Alpha Testing is carried out by the test team within the developing organization.
  5. Beta Testing is performed by a selected group of users, customers, or users other than development team.
  6. Acceptance Testing is performed by the customer to determine whether software is acceptable or not by the user.