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System Approach in Planning Organizing and Controlling MIS

System Approach in Planning: Planning means deciding in advance,

  • What has to be done?
  • Who has to do it?
  • When is to be done? 
  • How it is to be done?

The planning process consist of two steps:

  1. Developing the strategic
  2. Formulating the steps, timing and cost, required to achieve the strategy.

System Approach in Organizing: Organizing is important to manager because it helps in effective group action. It also helps in maintaining the people to work together. It consist of following points
1. The formal organization system as described in chart policies and procedure.2. The informal organizing.3. The individual as a system4. The organizational communication system.5. The power system.6. The functional system.7. The management process system.8. The material logistic system.
The different phases of organizing are:

  1. Develop a technical organization
  2. Start with total company objectives and develop a hierarchy of systems required.
  3. Involve specialists in developing a team, matrix or a system.

System Approach in Controlling: Controlling is important because it is needed to achieve the desire result. The most common process consist of three step:

  1. Setting standard for performance
  2. Measuring performance against this standard
  3. Deviation Control

1. Setting standard for performance: It involves what level of performance we need. These criteria can be quantitative or qualitative.2. Measuring performance against this standard: once standard have been established it is necessary to measure performance against standards.3. Deviation Control: we know that for measuring the deviation, first comparison of standard with actual performance is made.

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