Process of MIS

There are 5 main stages in process of MIS:

  1. Data Capture
  2. Data Storage and Retrieval
  3. Analysis 
  4. Information Presentation 
  5. Transmission 

1. Data Capture: Data capture involves coding of the input data in a form suitable for processing by the system. The most common form of manual data capture is a person observing something and describing one’s observations orally or in writing.
2. Data Storage and Retrieval: The captured data in the system may need to be stored for analyzing and presentation later. The most common method of storage is the paper record, stored as books and files.
3. Analysis: Analysis is the core of information processing, which transforms raw data into information.
4. Information Presentation: Presentation of information in a more easily understandable form is also one of the analytical tasks. Thus analysis also covers tasks like preparing graphs and reports.
5. Transmission: Presentation involves converting the information to a form understood by the user. Thus giving an oral or written report is two of the ways of information presentation used in manual systems.