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Planning of MIS

1. Work Breakdown structureThe project breakdown structure is a natural decomposition of the project end result. It is created in a level-by-level breakdownfrom:

  1. System to subsystem
  2. Subsystem to task
  3. Task to subtask
  4. Subtask to work package

2. Sequence Planning 

  • Which task to be first completed

3. Master Program Schedule

  • Calendar dates
  • Gantt chart, etc

4. Budgeting

  • Cost

5. Reporting and controlling 

  • Control of performance/cost/time (P/C/T) elements.

6. Reporting Techniques

  • Integrated P/C/T charts
  • Time-scaled network plans  
  • Computerized work
  • Problem analysis and trend charts
  • Project control room and computerized room and computerized graphic systems
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