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RGPV Notes | Object Oriented Programming

BTech 5th Semester


Basics of programming: Character set, Constants, Variables, keywords, identifiers literals. Instructions: Type Declaration Instruction, arithmetic Integer Long Short, Signed unsigned, storage classes, Integer and Float Conversions, type conversion in assignment, hierarchy of operations.


Decision control structure: control instructions, if, if-else, use of logical operator, hierarchy of logical operators, arithmetic operators, relational operators, assignment operators, increment and decrement operators, conditional operators, bit wise operators, special operators, “&,*,.,>, “sizeof” Loops control structure: while loop, for loop, do – while loop, odd loop, nested loop, break, continue, case control structure, go to, exit statement.


Array: what are arrays , array initialization, bound checking 1D array, 2D array initialization of 1D and 2D array, memory map of 1D and 2D array, Multidimensional array. Strings: what are strings, standard library string function strlen(), strcpy(), strcat(), strcmp(), 2D array of characters.


Structure: Why use structure, declaration of structure, accessing structure elements, how structure elements are stored, array of structure, uses of structure. Preprocessor: features of Preprocessor, macro expansion, micro with arguments, file inclusion, conditional, #if, #elif, miscellaneous directives, #include, #define, directives, #undef, #pragma directives. Union: Union definition & declaration, accessing a union member, union of structures, initialization of union member, uses of union, use of user defined data types.


Introduction: Basic concepts of OOP: object, class, data abstraction, data encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, Static and dynamic binding, message passing, benefits of OOP’s, disadvantage of OOP’s, application of OOP’s, a simple program, anatomy of program, creating a source file, compiling and Linking.


  1. David Parsons; Object oriented programming with C++; BPB publication
  2. Object oriented programming in C++ by Robert Lafore: Galgotia
  3. Balagurusamy; Object oriented programming with C++; TMH
  4. Java Complete Reference: Herbert Schildt, Mc Graw Hill
  5. Hubbard; Programming in C++ (Schaum); TMH
  6. Mastering C++ by Venugopal, TMH