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RGPV Notes | Object Oriented Programming & Methodology

BTech 3rd Semester


Introduction to Object Oriented Thinking & Object Oriented Programming: Comparison with Procedural Programming, features of Object oriented paradigmMerits and demerits of OO methodology; Object model; Elements of OOPS, IO processing.


Encapsulation and Data Abstraction- Concept of Objects: State, Behavior & Identity of an object; Classes: identifying classes and candidates for Classes Attributes and Services, Access modifiers, Static members of a Class, Instances, Message passing, and Construction and destruction of Objects.


Relationships – Inheritance: purpose and its types, ‘is a’ relationship; Association, Aggregation. Concept of interfaces and Abstract classes.


Polymorphism: Introduction, Method Overriding & Overloading, static and run time Polymorphism.


Strings, Exceptional handling, Introduction of Multi-threading and Data collections. Case study like: ATM, Library management system.

Text Books

  1. Timothy Budd, “An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming”, AddisonWesley Publication, 3rd Edition.
  2. Cay S. Horstmann and Gary Cornell, “Core Java: Volume I, Fundamentals”,
    Prentice Hall publication.

Reference Books

  1. G. Booch, “Object Oriented Analysis& Design”, Addison Wesley.
  2. James Martin, “Principles of Object Oriented Analysis and Design”, Prentice
  3. Peter Coad and Edward Yourdon, “Object Oriented Design”, Prentice Hall/PTR.
  4. Herbert Schildt, “Java 2: The Complete Reference”, McGraw-Hill Osborne
    Media, 7th Edition.