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RGPV Notes | Data Structure

BTech 3rd Semester


Review of C programming language. Introduction to Data Structure: Concepts of Data and Information, Classification of Data structures, Abstract Data Types,
Implementation aspects: Memory representation. Data structures operations and
its cost estimation. Introduction to linear data structures- Arrays, Linked List:
Representation of linked list in memory, different implementation of linked list.
Circular linked list, doubly linked list, etc. Application of linked list: polynomial
manipulation using linked list, etc.


Stacks: Stacks as ADT, Different implementation of stack, multiple stacks. Application of Stack: Conversion of infix to postfix notation using stack, evaluation of postfix expression, Recursion. Queues: Queues as ADT, Different implementation of queue, Circular queue, Concept of Dqueue and Priority Queue, Queue simulation, Application of queues.


Tree: Definitions – Height, depth, order, degree etc. Binary Search Tree – Operations, Traversal, Search. AVL Tree, Heap, Applications and comparison of various types of tree; Introduction to forest, multi-way Tree, B tree, B+ tree, B* tree and red-black tree.


Graphs: Introduction, Classification of graph: Directed and Undirected graphs, etc, Representation, Graph Traversal: Depth First Search (DFS), Breadth First Search (BFS), Graph algorithm: Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)- Kruskal, Prim’s algorithms. Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm; Comparison between different graph algorithms. Application of graphs.


Sorting: Introduction, Sort methods like: Bubble Sort, Quick sort. Selection sort, Heap sort, Insertion sort, Shell sort, Merge sort and Radix sort; comparison of various sorting techniques. Searching: Basic Search Techniques: Sequential search, Binary search, Comparison of search methods. Hashing & Indexing. Case Study: Application of various data structures in operating system, DBMS etc.