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Computer Networks Interview Q and A

In computer networks OSI stand for ? Open Systems Interconnection Model. What are the seven layers of OSI model ? Application layer Presentation layer Session layer Function of session layer ? Session layer initiates, manages and ends communication between the sender and receiver. Function of presentation layer ? Translation, encryption, authentication, data compression. Difference between […]

Jupyter Notebook Inteview Q and A

What is Jupyter Notebook ? Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows a user, scientific researcher, scholar or analyst to create and share the document called the Notebook, containing live codes, documentation, graphs, plots, and visualizations. Is Jupyter Notebook same as Python ? The Jupyter Notebook is not included with Python, so if […]

C Programming Interview Q and A

Q&A Top 50 in C Q&A on Header files in C Q1. What is a header file in C? Ans. A header file in C is a file containing function prototypes, type definitions, macro definitions, and other declarations that can be included in multiple source files. It provides a way to share common declarations across […]

PHP Interview Q and A

PHP Intro Q: What is PHP? A: PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used to develop dynamic web pages and applications. Q: What is the latest version of PHP and what are some new features in it? A: The latest version of PHP is PHP 8.0. Some new features in PHP 8.0 include […]

Python Interview Q and Ans

What is Python package ? Python package is a directory which contains files. What is ? A package (or subpackage), contains a file named This file usually includes the initialization code for the corresponding package. How to import available in xyz package? import xyz.dataset from xyz import dataset How import show() from […]

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