Machine Learning Interview Q and A

What is Supervised learning algorithms ?

Ans. Machine learning algorithms that learn from input/output pairs

Some examples of supervised machine learning ?

  • Detecting fraudulent activity in credit card transactions
  • Identifying the zip code from handwritten digits on an envelope
  • Spam filtering

What is Labelled data in supervised machine learning ?

The input data which is already tagged with correct out is known as lebelled data.

Is it true training data provided work as supervisor for machine ?


What is the work of supervisor (training data) here ?

Supervisor support the machine to predict the output correctly.

Types of supervised machine learning ?

  • Regression
  • Classification

What is regression in machine learning ?

Regression is a technique for investigating the relationship between independent variables and a dependent variable.

When to use Regression algorithm ?

When there is a relation between input and output variable.

When to use Classification algorithm ?

When the output variable is categorical.

Some examples of regression algorithm ?

  • Linear Regression
  • Regression Trees
  • Non-Linear Regression
  • Bayesian Linear Regression
  • Polynomial Regression

What is Linear regression ?

Linear Regression is the supervised Machine Learning model in which the model finds the best fit linear line between the independent and dependent variable.

What is dependent and independent variables in machine learning ?

Independent variables are the input for a process that is being analyzes.

Dependent variables are the output of the process.

Mathematical equation for linear regression ?

Y= aX+b  

Y = dependent variables
X= Independent variables
a and b are the linear coefficients.

What is Unsupervised learning algorithms ?

In unsupervised learning, only the input data is known, and no known output data is given to the algorithm

  • Identifying topics in a set of blog posts
  • Detecting abnormal access patterns to a website

What is scikit-learn ?

  • scikit-learn is an open source project.
  • scikit-learn is Python library for Machine learning.
  • For more visit: User guide

What is Training Data and Testing Data ?

Training data is the initial dataset you use to teach a machine learning application.

Testing data is used to evaluate applications accuracy.

What is Jupyter Notebook ?

Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows a user, scientific researcher, scholar or analyst to create and share the document called the Notebook, containing live codes, documentation, graphs, plots, and visualizations.

What is NumPy ?

Numpy is one of the most commonly used packages for scientific computing in Python. It provides a multidimensional array object, as well as variations such as masks and matrices, which can be used for various math operations.

What is SciPy ?

SciPy is a collection of mathematical algorithms and convenience functions built on the NumPy extension of Python.

What is Mapplotlib ?

Matplotlib is a cross-platform, data visualization and graphical plotting library for Python and its numerical extension NumPy.

What is Pandas ?

Pandas is an open source Python package that is most widely used for data science/data analysis and machine learning tasks. It is built on top of another package named Numpy, which provides support for multi-dimensional arrays.