System Security MCQs.

1. What aspect of security involves measures such as locks, fences, and surveillance cameras? a) Network Securityb) Physical Securityc) Cybersecurityd) Application Security Answer: b) Physical … Read more

Process Control MCQS

1. Which command displays a list of currently running processes in Unix-like operating systems? a) lsb) procviewc) psd) viewproc Answer: c) ps Explanation: The ps … Read more

File System MCQs

1. What is a file system?a) A hardware component responsible for storing data on disksb) A software component responsible for managing and organizing data on … Read more

Unix/Linux MCQs

1. What is the primary function of the kernel in a Unix/Linux operating system?a) Providing a graphical user interfaceb) Managing hardware resources and providing essential … Read more