Moore machine

In this type of machine, the future state Sj of the machine is decided by the current state and current input symbol of the machine. 

The output symbol at a given time depends only on the present state of the machine.

Moore machine is defined as a 6 tuple (Q, Σ, ∆, δ, λ, q0). 


Q is a finite set of states. 

Σ is the input alphabet. 

∆ is the output alphabet. 

δ is the transition function which maps Σ × Q to Q. 

λ is the output function mapping Q to ∆.

q0 is the initial state.

For example, 

Moore machine is as follows:

Moore Machine
Transition Diagram

In Moore machine, each state has its fixed output i.e. in above diagram, 

  • When machine is in state q1, the output is 0.
  • When machine is in state q2, the output is 0.
  • When machine is in state q3, the output is 1. 
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