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Explain any three Hive QL DDL command with its syntax and example ?

HiveQL DDL commands are used to create, modify, and delete databases, tables, and other objects within the Hive metastore.


  • Syntax: CREATE DATABASE database_name;
  • Example: CREATE DATABASE my_database; This command creates a new database named my_database in the Hive metastore.


  • Syntax:
CREATE TABLE table_name (
  column_1_name data_type [COMMENT 'comment'],
  column_2_name data_type [COMMENT 'comment'],
  • Example
CREATE TABLE employee_data (
  employee_id INT COMMENT 'Unique ID of the employee',
  name STRING COMMENT 'Employee name',
  department STRING COMMENT 'Department of the employee',
  salary DOUBLE COMMENT 'Monthly salary of the employee'

This command creates a new table named employee_data with four columns: employee_id, name, department, and salary. Each column has a specific data type and an optional comment describing its purpose.


  • Syntax
ALTER TABLE table_name 
[ADD|DROP] COLUMN column_name data_type [COMMENT 'comment']
[RENAME TO new_table_name];
  • Example
ALTER TABLE employee_data ADD COLUMN bonus DOUBLE COMMENT 'Monthly bonus of the employee';
ALTER TABLE employee_data RENAME TO employee_information;

The first command adds a new column named bonus to the employee_data table. The second command renames the employee_data table to employee_information.