A Protocol Using Go-Back-N

In previous article we have discussed about one bit sliding window protocol which is based on the concept of sliding window protocol. 

In one bit sliding window protocol the window size is of 1 bit.

But in Go-Back-N protocol, senders window size is of N and receivers window size is of 1.

  1. It is a data link layer protocol.
  2. It uses sliding window method.
  3. It transmits multiple frames before receiving the acknowledgment for the first frame.
  4. There are finite number of frames.
  5. The number of frames are depends on the size of sending window.
  6. Frames are sequentially numbered.
  7. Sender wait for each frames acknowledgement.
  8. The is a fixed waiting time period for the acknowledgement to received.
  9. Acknowledgements sequence number matches with frames sequence number.
  10. If an acknowledgement of a frame not received, sender re-transmit all frames from that sequence number for which acknowledgement is mission.

Example of Go-Back-N

  1. Sending window size is 5.
  2. If frame sequence numbers is 0,1,2,3,4.
  3. Than acknowledgments sequence numbers will be 0,1,2,3,4.