Computer Network Topologies


Network topology is the way in which nodes it may be computer router or any devices are connected to a local area network (LAN) or other network through cables (wired) or without cables (wireless).

There are different types of Network topology .
  1. BUS Topology
  2. RING Topology
  3. STAR Topology
  4. MESH Topology
  5. TREE Topology (Hierarchical) Topology

1. Bus Topology:
In this topology each  nodes is connected with single cable. Only in one direction data is transfer. The complete network will fail if cable fail.It will decrease the performance if network traffic is heavy .

2. Ring Topology:
In this topology every nodes is connected to another nodes and the last nodes connected to the first nodes which make a completed ring type structure hence it called ring topology.
Ring network works on  token.A token is electronic address of the receiver and it contain short message .

3. Star Topology:
In this type of topology each node connects to a central network device, central device may be switch, computer etc. Its is also called as client server topology, where central or main network device is a server and the peripheral devices which is connected to main server  is a clients.
Complete Network will stop if center device fail as all communication is through central device.

4. Mesh Topology:
In a mesh network topology, each of the network node are interconnected with one another forming a mesh structure.
Every computer in the network has a interconnected with the other computers in that network.I

5. Tree Topology:
In this topology system are arranged in top down structure that is the top system is a parent nodes or root node and below the root nodes next level is called as child nodes look like a tree structure .
In this topology if parent nodes fail will effect complete topology,complete network will be crashes.