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One bit sliding window protocol

In previous article we have discussed about sliding window protocol. One bit sliding window protocol is based on the concept of sliding window protocol. But here the window size is of 1 bit.

  1. One bit sliding window protocol is used for delivery of data frames.
  2. Sender has sending window.
  3. Receiver has receiving window.
  4. Sending and receiving windows act as buffer storage.
  5. Here size of windows size is 1.
  6. One bit sliding window protocol uses Stop and Wait.
  7. Sender transmit a frame with sequence number.
  8. Than sender wait for acknowledgment from the receiver.
  9. Receiver send back an acknowledgement with sequence number.
  10. If sequence number of acknowledgement matches with sequence number of frame.
  11. Sender transmit the next frame.
  12. Else sender re-transmit the previous frame.
  13. Its bidirectional protocol.