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Changing identities in Linux

Sometimes it’s necessary for regular user to use some super privileges to perform a task. Than regular user needed to be change its identity from regular to the superuser or root user.Changing of identities is shown in below image.There are three ways to change identities –

  1. Login log out like a regular user
  2. By using “sudo” command
  3. By using “su” command
  1. Login log out like a regular user.

When I log out I will get the login screen like in below image.

If I press Switch User” , screen like below image will seen,

Here I can click on “Other…” to login as another user account. Screen is shown below.

2) Can change the identity by using “sudo” command“Sudo” command will change regular user to the “root user” with super privileges.

3) Can change the identity by using “su” command.“Su” command is used to change the user identity to another user.It is used as su – UserName.Use of “su” is shown in below  image.