This article is about the installation of MySQL 5.5.

Firstly check the configuration of a system is either 32 bit or 64 bit.

Download the setup of MySQL according to configuration of system from or copy the setup from other device to the device by the means of pendrive or any data transportable device.

Let’s start the installation of MySQL:

Step 01

First Click on the setup icon. Setup icon is Somehow appear as :

Step 02

After Clicking on the icon this window will be displayed. Click on NEXT button for continuing the installation else click on CANCEL button.

Step 03

Select  the checkbox given on the downside of the page and click on the NEXT button.

Step 04

Choose setup type from given options.Commonly we select Complete because this will install all the features of the program.If we choose TYPICAL or CUSTOM then it will install only most common features. Click on NEXT.

Step 05

Ready for installation. Click on Install button.

Step 06

Installation Process is continue. After completing the progress click on NEXT button.

Step 07

This Window is about the setup product .Click on Next Button.

Step 08

This window is about the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Service. This is about the performance of MySql.

Step 09

This Window is for finish the setup wizard. Click on Back button if any changes is there.Else Click on Next.

Step 10

This window is about the Microsoft Server Instance Configuration. Choose the instance of setup from given options.

Step 11

Choose MySQL Server 5.5.Click on Next.

Step 12

Select any configuration type .Commonly we choose detailed because it creates the optimal server for this machine.If u choose Standard that is only use on machine which do not already have MySql.

Step 13

Choose the server type .Commonly choose Developer machine. Click on Next button.

Step 14

Select the database type.Commonly choose Multifunctional Database for general purpose server.Click on Next for continuing.

Step 15

Choose  Installation Path.

Step 16

In this window , choose the concurrent connections to the server.Select Decision Support(DSS/OLAP).Click on Next.

Step 17

Set the Networking options. Enable TCP/IP Networking and also Enable Strict Mode.Click on Next.

Step 18

Here,Select the default character set.Choose Standard character set and click on Next.

Step 19

In this window,Set the Windows option.Select Install as Windows Service. Click on Next for continuing.

Step 20

This is the security window .You have to type the password for security.

Step 21

I choose root as password for the root security.Enter the password and click on next.

Step 22

Setup is Ready to execute.Click on Execute .

Step 23

It is processing window.

Step 24

The installation Process is completed .Click on Finish.

Error during installation

1. This error can occur during installation.

2. To remove this error ,Click on setup icon ,Choose Repair from this window.Click on Next.

3.Click on Next To Continue.

4.Click on repair button.

5.Files will be updated .Click on OK to continue.

6. Click on FINISH to finish the installation process.

Installation Completed ! To open MySql ,Click on Start Menu and select MySql.

Enter the password as entered during installation.I created password root, so I am entering that one.