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How can we display data type information in PHP? Give example

In PHP, we can display data type information using the built-in var_dump() function. This function displays the type and value of a variable. It is particularly useful for debugging purposes, as it can help you identify the data type of a variable if you are unsure.

Here’s an example:

$var1 = "Hello, world!";
$var2 = 42;
$var3 = true;


In this example, we have three variables of different data types: a string, an integer, and a boolean. We then use the var_dump() function to display the type and value of each variable.

The output will look like this:

string(13) "Hello, world!"

From the output, we can see that $var1 is a string with a length of 13, $var2 is an integer with a value of 42, and $var3 is a boolean with a value of true. The var_dump() function also tells us the data type of each variable.

Note that var_dump() outputs more information than just the data type, including the size of the variable in bytes and the actual value of the variable. This can be useful for debugging, but it may also be more information than you need. If you just want to display the data type of a variable, you can use the gettype() function instead.

For example:

$var = "Hello, world!";
echo gettype($var);

This will output: