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Write a program code for Switch Statement.

An example of how to use a switch statement in PHP:


$dayOfWeek = "Monday";

switch ($dayOfWeek) {
    case "Monday":
        echo "Today is Monday";
    case "Tuesday":
        echo "Today is Tuesday";
    case "Wednesday":
        echo "Today is Wednesday";
    case "Thursday":
        echo "Today is Thursday";
    case "Friday":
        echo "Today is Friday";
        echo "It's the weekend!";



In this example, we define a variable $dayOfWeek that contains a string value of “Monday”. We then use a switch statement to check the value of this variable, and execute different code depending on the value.

The first case in the switch statement checks if $dayOfWeek is equal to “Monday”, and if it is, the code echo “Today is Monday”; is executed. The break; statement is used to exit the switch statement and prevent the code in other cases from being executed.

If $dayOfWeek does not match any of the cases, the code in the default: case is executed, which in this example outputs the message “It’s the weekend!”.

Switch statements are useful when there are multiple possible values for a variable, and different code needs to be executed depending on the value.