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Write the differences between GET and POST method in PHP

Data in URLSends data as part of the URL.Does not send data in the URL.
Data SecurityLess secure as data is visible in the URL and can be bookmarked or cached.More secure as data is not visible in the URL.
Data Length LimitLimited data length (typically 2048 characters) due to URL length restrictions.No specific data length limit.
CachingData can be cached by browsers and proxies.Data is not cached by browsers and proxies.
BookmarkingData can be bookmarked and shared easily.Data is not bookmarked or shared in the URL.
UsageSuitable for simple and non-sensitive data like search queries or filter parameters.Suitable for sensitive data like login credentials or form submissions.
Method Declaration<form method=”GET” action=”process.php”><form method=”POST” action=”process.php”>
Accessing Data in PHP$_GET[‘param_name’]$_POST[‘param_name’]
Data in URLVisible in the browser’s address bar.Not visible in the browser’s address bar.