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What does a PHP Script look like? Explain

A PHP script is a text file containing PHP code that is executed on the server-side in response to a client’s request. Here is an example of a simple PHP script:

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>PHP Example</title>
		// This is a PHP comment
		$message = "Hello, world!";
		echo "<h1>" . $message . "</h1>";

This script starts with HTML tags to define the structure and content of the web page. Inside the HTML tags, we have embedded PHP code within the tags.

The PHP code defines a variable $message with the value “Hello, world!” and then uses the echo statement to output an HTML heading containing the value of the $message variable. The period (.) operator is used to concatenate the string values.

This is a very simple example, but PHP scripts can be much more complex, incorporating logic, loops, and functions to generate dynamic content and interact with databases and other external systems.

When a client requests this PHP script from a web server, the server will execute the PHP code and generate HTML output, which is then sent back to the client’s web browser for display.

The resulting web page might look something like this:

Hello, world!