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Why is PHP known as scripting language?

  • PHP is designed to be interpreted and executed at runtime, rather than being compiled into machine code beforehand. This means that PHP code is typically executed in response to user requests, and the output of the code is generated dynamically based on those requests.
  • Scripting languages like PHP are often used for tasks that involve manipulating data, generating dynamic content, or interacting with databases and other external systems.
  • PHP scripts can be run on a web server to generate HTML output, process form submissions, and perform other server-side tasks.
  • Unlike compiled languages like C or Java, which must be compiled into executable machine code before they can be run, PHP code is interpreted at runtime by the PHP interpreter.
  • This interpretation process allows for greater flexibility and agility, as changes to the code can be made quickly and easily without the need to recompile the entire program.
  • The use of scripting languages like PHP has several advantages over compiled languages, including easier learning and use, faster development times, and greater flexibility in responding to changing requirements.
  • The use of scripting languages like PHP has become particularly popular in web development, where the ability to generate dynamic content in response to user requests is essential.

In summary, PHP is known as a scripting language because it is designed to be interpreted at runtime, allowing for greater flexibility and agility in responding to changing requirements, and making it particularly well-suited for web development tasks.